Call for Papers

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Friday 18 October 2019

We’re pleased to announce we are now accepting paper submissions for CAUTHE 2020. We’ll be accepting submissions for both full and working research papers, which will be presented in oral or poster format, depending on the final review decision. We’ll be accepting papers in the below themes and areas.

Important Dates


The submission deadline for all full research papers is Friday 18 October, 2019
The submission deadline for all working research papers is Friday 01 November, 2019


Hospitality, Tourism, Events and Culinary Arts/Gastronomy

Areas within a theme

  • Advances in tourism

  • Climate change, disaster management

  • Commitment to theory, methodologies

  • Diversity

  • Gastronomy, wine and food

  • Histories, rising trends and future studies

  • Management studies

  • Pacific Island/Small Island tourism

  • Teaching and learning, pedagogies

  • Tourism Impact Analysis (economic, cultural, environmental)

  • Work, HR and labour studies

  • The Future Past of Tourism, Hospitality and Events

  • Children/Families, volunteers

  • Co-creation and experience studies

  • Critical approaches

  • Events and Festivals

  • Gender, intersectionality, feminist approaches, masculinity studies

  • Indigenous perspectives

  • Marketing, destination management

  • Sustainability

  • Technology, sharing economy and digital disruption

  • Wellness and spirituality

  • Event Studies

  • Other